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Meet the Team - Charlie Young

Meet Charlie Young our Gunroom Sales Executive based in our London Gunroom in St James

You’re one of the newest members of the Holland & Holland Team - how long have you been working here for and what did you do previously?

I joined the Holland and Holland family about 4 months ago, having spent the majority of my working life in the gun trade. I studied Advertising at university but after discovering the world of Mad Men wasn’t all it cracked up to be I turned to my true passion, shooting. I have previously worked for E.J. Churchill and Holts Auctioneers, learning lots along the way.

What is your new role and can you tell us a bit about what it involves day to day? What drew you to work for Holland & Holland?

Ask any gun lover, who wouldn’t want to work for Holland and Holland? I was drawn by the fantastic product and clients.

Within my role as Gunroom Sales, I spend all my time dealing with our interesting and unique clients. It is always great to hear the fascinating stories they have to tell and about the passion for Holland and Holland. 

The day to day is not always that glamorous. With a large proportion of our clients living overseas there are a lot of emails and phone calls, though it is always a real rush when the hard work pays off with a sale.

 What do you most enjoy about the job so far?

Even though I have only been with the company for a relatively short time I already like a real member of the team. Everyone has been incredibly welcoming and willing to share their years, if not decades of experience. It can sometimes feel like a bit of a mad house, but I think its great to not work somewhere boring and grey.

I am really looking forward to traveling to the international shows. I love the buzz of being on the stand and cant wait to see some of the huge shows in the states. 

What’s your favourite shooting discipline and how often do you get to shoot when you’re not working?

I have a real passion for Deerstalking and try and get out as much as I can when not in town. Back home I have a couple of permissions that I help manage for local farmers. It’s very rewarding to see the deer go from field to fork. I love heading out early on a cool and peaceful summer morning after Roe bucks.

Aside from stalking I am also a keen game shooter and a member of a small syndicate, doing mostly walked up days.

 What’s number one on your shooting bucket list?

I have always had a fascination with Africa and am enthralled by its romance. I would love to spend a summer hunting on foot in Africa. I’m currently finishing building a .458 rifle so would be keen to test it and me on some Cape Buffalo. 

Aside from hunting I must admit I can be a bit of a gun nerd, it would be great to visit our Dallas gunroom and shoot some less conventional… guns.

 Do you have any other hobbies outside work?

I enjoy writing and have recently written my first article for Scribe Hound 'What your gundog says about you'. Having been brought up in the countryside, I have recently moved into central London so I am enjoying discovering what the 'big smoke' has to offer...although I still spend many a weekend in a muddy field when given half a chance. I have also joined the recently formed 'Fulham Shooting Club' who have put on some cracking events both in and out of town with a lot more to come! 

 If you could only pick one Holland & Holland gun or rifle what would it be and why?

It’s a hard to pick just one, but I would have to say a Royal Double Rifle. There is something special about these classic rifles. It gives an almost nostalgic feeling as if you are one of the great hunters. I was lucky enough to shoot one in our dedicated rifle cinema when I started and it was a real treat.